About us

Supporting your business to monetize data

MINDS & LENSES is SaaS provider for computer vision services in industry and retail environments. Founded in 2019 we are based near Munich in Germany.


We apply latest computer vision technology and convolutional neural networks for data analytics. Our product design and development process is based on the agile framework.


GDPR compliance is our fundamental principle. We follow transparent ethical standards and implement state-of-the-art storage and encryption processes. 


How we collaborate internally:

We believe that high quality software can only be built in an environment of openness and trust, where everybody in the organization is important and has a say.


For a balanced and creative culture, our team members are diverse regarding their skills, views and backgrounds.


We help each other and allow fast decision making processes. Responsibility is in our genes and given to everybody.

There is a way to do it better - find it.

Thomas A. Edison